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W Branch Sewer Authority WWTP

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/Addenda/Addendum 1.pdf
/Addenda/Addendum 2.pdf
/Bid Package - EC.pdf
/Bid Package - GC.pdf
/Bid Package - HVAC.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/A001 Gen Nts.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C001 Site Pln.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C002 Baseline 1 Profile.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C003 Baseline 2 Profile.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C004 Baseline 3 Profile.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C005 Waterline Profile.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C006 Site Details.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C007 Site Details.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C008 Site Details.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C009 E&S Ctrl Pln.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C010 E&S Ctrl Nts.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C011 E&S Ctrl Dtls.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/C1 Cvr Sht.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/E001 Elec Nts,Symbls&Abbrvs.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/E002 Elec Site Pln.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/E003 Elec Scheds&Dtls.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/E004 Elec Scheds&Dtls.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/E005 Elec Scheds&Dtls.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/G001 Gen Nts.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/G002 Sht Index.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/G003 Stakeout Pln.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/H001 HVAC Abbrv,Symbls&Lgnds.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/H002 HVAC Nts&Dtls.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/P001 Plbg Nts&Symbls.pdf
/Drawings/Civil-General/S001 Struc Nts.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/A201 Demo Pln Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/A202 1st Flr Pln Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/A203 RCP & Roof Pln Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/A204 Extr Elevs Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/A205 Bldg Secs Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/A206 Wall Secs Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/E201 Exist & Demo Elec Pln Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/E202 Elec & Ltng Plns Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/E203 Sludge Press Elec Dtls Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/E301 Pump Hse,1st Flr Elec Plns Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/E302 Pump Hse,Intermediate Flr Elec Plns Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/H201 HVAC Demo Pln Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/H202 HVAC Flr Pln Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/MP201 Pln View Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/MP202 Secs Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/MP203 Secs Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/MP301 Pump Rm Demo & New Plns Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/MP302 Sections Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/P201 Plbg Supply Flr Pln Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/S201 Fdn Pln&Dtls Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/Sludge Processing Room/S202 Roof Frmg&Dtls Sludge Proc Rm.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A101 Floor Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A102 Roof Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A103 Extr Elevs UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A104 Extr Elevs UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A105 Bldg Secs UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A106 Bldg Secs & Stair Dtls UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A107 Wall Secs UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A108 Wall Secs UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A109 Door&Win Scheds UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A110 Bldg Signage UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/A111 Exist UV Struc Demo Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/E101 Elec Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/E102 Ltng Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/H101 HVAC Flr & Roof Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/H102 HVAC Scheds UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/MP101 Mech Proc Piping Flr Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/P101 San Drainage Flr Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/P102 Roof Drainage Flr Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/P103 Plbg Supply Flr Pln UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/S101 Fdn Pln&Dtls UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/S102 Roof Frmg&Dtls UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/S103 Channel Dtls UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/UV Building/S104 Channel Dtls UV Bldg.pdf
/Drawings/_Combined Drawings.pdf
/Sketches/ASK-C1 Addn 2.pdf
/Sketches/ASK-G1 Addn 1.pdf
/Specifications/Advertisement for Bids.pdf
/Specifications/Agreement between Owner and Contractor - EC.pdf
/Specifications/Agreement between Owner and Contractor - GC.pdf
/Specifications/Agreement between Owner and Contractor - HVAC.pdf
/Specifications/Application for Payment.pdf
/Specifications/BID FORM - EC.pdf
/Specifications/BID FORM - GC.pdf
/Specifications/BID FORM - HVAC.pdf
/Specifications/Bid Bond.pdf
/Specifications/Certificate of Substantial Completion.pdf
/Specifications/Certification of Bidder Re EEO.pdf
/Specifications/Certification of Non-Segregated Facilities.pdf
/Specifications/Certification of Proposed Sub re EEO.pdf
/Specifications/Change Order.pdf
/Specifications/Consent of Surety Co to Final Payment.pdf
/Specifications/Contractor NonDiscrimination-Sexual Harrassment Clause.pdf
/Specifications/Div 01 General Requirements.pdf
/Specifications/Div 02 Existing Conditions.pdf
/Specifications/Div 03 Concrete.pdf
/Specifications/Div 04 Masonry.pdf
/Specifications/Div 05 Metals.pdf
/Specifications/Div 06 Wood & Plastics.pdf
/Specifications/Div 07 Thermal & Moisture Protectionpdf.pdf
/Specifications/Div 08 Openings.pdf
/Specifications/Div 09 Finishes.pdf
/Specifications/Div 10 Specialties.pdf
/Specifications/Div 22 Plumbing.pdf
/Specifications/Div 23 HVAC.pdf
/Specifications/Div 25 Integrated Automation.pdf
/Specifications/Div 26 Electrical.pdf
/Specifications/Div 31 Earthwork.pdf
/Specifications/Div 32 Exterior Improvements.pdf
/Specifications/Div 33 Utilities.pdf
/Specifications/Div 40 Process Interconnections.pdf
/Specifications/Div 41 Material Processing & Handling Equipment.pdf
/Specifications/Div 43 Process Gas & Liquid Handling, Purification & Storage Equip.pdf
/Specifications/Div 46. Water & Wastewater Equipment.pdf
/Specifications/Funding Requirements.pdf
/Specifications/General Conditions.pdf
/Specifications/General Information.pdf
/Specifications/Geotechnical Report.pdf
/Specifications/Hazardous Environmental Conditions.pdf
/Specifications/Instructions to Bidders.pdf
/Specifications/Non-Collusion Affidavit.pdf
/Specifications/Notice of Acceptability of Work.pdf
/Specifications/Notice of Award.pdf
/Specifications/Notice to Proceed.pdf
/Specifications/Payment Bond.pdf
/Specifications/Performance Bond.pdf
/Specifications/Prevailing Wage Rates.pdf
/Specifications/Public Works Employment Verificaiton.pdf
/Specifications/Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Pln.pdf
/Specifications/Standard General Conditions.pdf
/Specifications/Statement of Bidders Qualifications.pdf
/Specifications/Subcontractor NonDiscrimination-Sexual Harrassment Clause.pdf
/Specifications/Supplementary Conditions.pdf
/Specifications/Volume 1 - Table of Contents.pdf
/Specifications/Volume 2 - Table of Contents.pdf
/Specifications/_Combined Specifications.pdf
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